Our region continues to grow and meet the challenges of being home to new families, businesses and industries, while continuing to nurture our existing communities by ensuring the most efficient use of our resources.  This is done through the skillful management of our governments and organizations tasked with the mission of building and improving the quality of life for over the 1.2 million inhabitants of our region.

The Memphis Area Association of Governments (MAAG) is proud to be one of the many organizations working as a partner to ensure that the six county region is able to sustain itself as a final destination place for families and businesses.  In addition to this partnership role, MAAG serves as a conduit for ideas and innovation that offers this region a collective competitiveness on the global stage.  The MAAG Board and staff continues to work together to create an organization that is becoming more and more a technical resource for cities and counties to utilize for planning and managing the public affairs of their communities. 

“A waterline extension was needed to support Halls’ new Dollar General. Unable to fund the total amount of the project, the town approached MAAG & they connected us with the Delta Regional Authority’s SEDAP grant opportunity. MAAG helped us secure a $105,300 grant & facilitate the project administration. The project was successfully completed in August 2014. As a result, the south part of town has benefitted & Dollar General has also been able to add jobs and double its employment.”

Mayor Eugene, Pugh Town of Halls